• How to shop

    How to shop

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    Because our online site distinguishes location with our customers' IP, If you don't choose your location, you can't enjoy shopping. Please refer to the website address below.Or click "location" on the main site’s menu. You can find your location. Singapore : https://2020btspopupasia.morningkall.com Vietnam : https://2020btspopupasia.vn.morningkall.com         Thailand : https://2020btspopupasia.th.morningkall.com         Malaysia : https://2020btspopupasia.my.morningkall.com        Philippines : https://2020btspopupasia.ph.morningkall.com         Indonesia : https://2020btspopupasia.id.morningkall.com          Taiwan : https://2020btspopupasia.tw.morningkall.com

    We are pleased to announce our official merchandise purchasing guide for [BTS POP-UP : MAP OF THE SOUL Online Store ASIA], planned for opening on November 14, 2020.
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